toddlers and tiaras


Came across this yesterday. I can’t believe Cabbage Patch Kids have gone the way of the Littlest Pet Shop pets. Except that I can completely and totally believe it. Strawberry Shortcake, too. She used to be a fat tub, obviously, and why encourage America’s beloved children to be obese when instead we can teach them that even 3 year olds look better with make up! and accessories! Mixed messages, though, because I saw an episode at work last weekend and Strawberry and all her bulimic friends were eating a ton of ice cream and milkshakes.

I do find it fascinating the way the long lost trends from my childhood keep reemerging for the new generation. So far the Care Bears seem to be maintaining their integrity but who knows how long before they are manicured and wearing high heels.

And, as I recently wrote to a friend in an email, I like that, no matter what miniscule amount progress our culture makes in relaxing gender roles, toy stores are still faithfully divided into “child with a penis” and “child with a vagina” sections. It must be a comfort to my grandparents.