i should probably just give in and post pictures of my cats


By the way, I got legitimately engaged in August. I definitely made a free Knot wedding website.

Nothing else has seemed exciting enough to blog however every day brings me closer to deleting my Facebook account as brought up a few posts ago. Today I got a little fiesty on a friend’s page after he posted about something political and a well-meaning family member of his felt compelled to say well-meaning things, much like the letter here that I recently came across. I think I was respectful but I was so angry because I’m sick of people thinking that their prejudice is acceptable because they still LOVE all the sinners, as if that negates their bigotry and tacit acceptance of all kinds of horrific abuses toward people they view as defective.

Anyway, this is what I wrote, after also giving the above link:

I can’t understand why religious people would be opposed to the separation of church and state as it exists to protect *everyone* from government sponsored religion and persecution. And if people want GOD in schools then they will have to make room for all forms, not just their own personal dogma. Seriously, which Christian [I decided not to even mention the other rather prominent world religions because everyone seems to assume pretty readily that we are a Christian nation] god are we supposed to pick for PUBLIC schools? I would love to force my own beliefs down everybody’s throats but I’m not sure how to actually find time to teach a curriculum if we need to make time for every irrelevant personal agenda.
And sorry, but to be clear, I didn’t mean that religious beliefs are irrelevant in general, just that they are irrelevant in public institutions. Unless the US is a theocracy now.