an aside


I found this  article about New York’s anti-soda campaign very interesting. It’s not that I think soda is good for anybody but they very simply claim that it makes you fat because, well, nobody wants to be fat. Despite the fact that they were warned by multiple experts that the claim is misleading.

“CAUTION,” the nutritionist, Cathy Nonas, wrote in a memorandum to her colleagues on Aug. 20, 2009. “As we get into this exacting science, the idea of a sugary drink becoming fat is absurd.” The scientists, she said, “will make mincemeat of us.”

…Ms. Nonas, along with at least two of her colleagues and a Columbia University professor they consulted, expressed strong doubts about the weight-gain message of the video and urged the department to rethink it. They pointed out that, on an individual basis, the conversion of calories into fat depends on factors like exercise, genes, gender, age and overall calorie consumption.

God forbid something be about health rather than looking pretty. Somebody get Don Draper on this!