chugging along


Today I received a paycheck for the day that never happened.

I’m hosting a mini-Thanksgiving this year, which is super exciting actually. I’m putting a lot of energy into the holidays but I’m especially energetic about this because I haven’t been able to even attend a real Thanksgiving for a few years due to work. And, rather than trying to feel comfortable with Rob’s extended family and their adorable but perplexing mid-meal dish-washing and Italian over-preparation of food and extreme politeness, which I’ll contend with come Christmas, I’ll be spending it with some close friends, including my sister.

She’s knocked up by the way. It’s great on its own, the prospect of FINALLY having a baby around for me to play with. Of course, it’s nice for her also and technically it will be her offspring, I recognize that. I’m not a complete narcissist. I just think I’m better off because I get to be the Aunt and put in very little effort for oodles of baby reward. So yes, it’s good news, but there are strings attached. Let’s just say I’m hoping that a) douche is not a genetic trait and b) she is not making the painful mistake of thinking that a baby and some good old fashioned love is magically enough to fix a toxic relationship. I’ve been struggling to be both supportive and honest. I’m not sure that’s entirely possible. There’s not much I can do anyhow, as I’m not allowed to live Other People’s Lives for them. On the bright side, 28 weeks to BABY!

The cats are getting along well and it is frickin’ beautiful. Since getting the kitten, I thought they were all friends but apparently not, because in the past few weeks they have taken it to another level. Somebody is licking somebody else in this house round the clock!

And I should know because I’m unemployed and a witness to much cat activity. I have nothing better to do.