cause we need a little christmas (linkage) right this very minute


– First of all, could Jon Hamm possibly be a more perfect man? NO! He is out of control. (Also, Jon Hamm’s John Ham! Hamm and Buble!)

– I loved the Glee Christmas special. (I want to love every Glee episode but it has been so uneven and on so much crack that it’s hard.) Best moment – “You have rights.”

– Speaking of Christmas, add “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” to the list of songs with disturbing lyrics that tend to go under the radar for some reason. I’m not taking it off my playlist, of course, because I’ve always found it kind of morbidly amusing, but I recently read a comment somewhere about how it’s fine “in the context of when it was written” because it was cute then. So no worries kids,  if the prevailing cultural mores of the time find a certain attitude conscionable, no reason to criticize! It’s cool that your granddad was all “Go make me a sammich, bitch!” to gramma in the 40s because he didn’t know any better.*

– Also speaking of Christmas, THIS THIS A THOUSAND TIMES THIS, only made better by dubbing over clips of my fave Christmas classic. I like to say “Happy Holidays” on our Christmas cards because I want to be an inclusive, conscious person, but whatever floats your boat as long as you aren’t being a smug asshole. But as Jon Stewart points out, this season wouldn’t feel the same anymore without “people going out of their way to be offended by nothing.” And the video teaches children about a sad history where,  “people just plum forgot to be offended by the petty bullshit that superficially divides us.” Love it.

we won't subject her to this annually, though it was sure awesome

*Actually, I don’t have a related link but recently I’ve been thinking about how oldsters tend to get a bit of a free pass for expressing racist/sexist sentiments and it makes some sense but really, at what point does it become unnecessary/pointless to challenge someone’s offensive attitudes. Is it within 10, 20, 30 years of probable death? Then again, don’t I want the freedom to be an asshole when I’m 80? Kinda. (This is purely theoretical, as I haven’t encountered any memorable disgusting comments since working as a cashier at a drug store.)