wait three years and write her a letter


Well, things are not going so smoothly in the monkey-pigeon household. See, the pigeon has always had difficulty expressing emotions of any kind to the monkey and over a period of nearly three years they developed a particular way of communicating that was manageable but frustrating, at least when disagreements presented themselves. Though the pigeon is prone to introspection, she can be combative and/or defensive, and her verbosity and self-assuredness often intimidate the emotionally and/or verbally constipated monkey. The pigeon appreciates how the monkey is generally affable and easy-going but he tends to offend the pigeon with unsolicited and unnecessary attempts to placate her, when she is not at her happiest or most pleasant. And the pigeon resents that the monkey frequently decides that he is not bothered “enough” by an issue to address it with her, until that is, the issue has occurred multiple times and he realizes that it now bothers him quite a bit.


Annnnnd I’m already sick of talking that way, and talking about our (currently) unhappy home in general. This is one of those times, anyway, where I failed to post regular updates and now have to make a bunch of dry updates.


I got a job (part time) in February. I kind of like it. On a day-to-day basis, it’s perfectly pleasant and sometimes rewarding, however, not at all challenging. For now, it’s good because HELLOH it’s a job and it’s not furthering my career but it is in my field and so I intend to stick with it for awhile. I would sure love some health insurance but WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS, COMMUNIST CHINA?! so…yeah, oh well.


Rob and I have had teh issues lately but I do have some confidence that we will work out things out soon. We have some wedding things to wrap up but we are mostly in a planning lull that is awfully comfortable. It will be less comfortable if we have to call everybody and say, Gee, we are just never going to be able to sustain a marriage in which we are expected to talk to each other, how about getting that deposit back? of course.


I’m far more optimistic than that, truly, but I honestly feel a need to cover my bases. Then I get to Win The Break Up, in the unlikely event one occurs. It may be the last thing I want and it may completely cripple me, but goddamnit, I will pretend it’s my idea if it comes to it.