This is what I’ve been thinking while packing and getting a little excited about embarking on my new Mary Tyler Moore life.

I think he probably thinks he can do better, and that he won’t encounter any of the same problems in another relationship. At least I can say that I know who I am, what my issues are, and that I have an as-accurate-as-possible view of our relationship and what went wrong. Fuck him. I deserve better, period.

This is why he will never be the one that got away:

I deserve so much more than he was capable or willing to give me.

I deserve honesty, openness, and emotional avalability.

I am not responsible for any other person’s inability to communicate.

I am not responsible for “problems” I was not made aware of.

I believe openness is an essential component of partnership.

I deserve a partnership where my feelings are heard and validated.

I believe that it is toxic and unhealthy when someone can not deal with their own feelings, especially anger, in a responsible way.

I deserve a partner who is willing to put real work into solving problems. (Real work does not = 5 counseling sessions, and a dozen fights over a span of 3+ years, and reading 4 chapters of a relationship workbook.) (That’s not commitment.) (If one isn’t able and willing to sustain a commitment, perhaps one should not fucking propose to someone.)