I had a truly fantastic weekend.

Now, I’m sad about something that I can’t really write about yet.

I’m also currently watching the end of Twilight on Fx, and coincidentally a review of the 4th movie on NPR inspired my subject line.

Thinking happy thoughts:

– my nephew is beautiful and delightful and cuddly

– 11/22/11 is imminent but I feel ok about that

– I’m healthy and my needs are met and the same is more or less true for all the people (and cat) I love

– the new muppet movie is coming out and looks promising

– I have a juicy stack of library books to read

– I have fruit snacks and erasers shaped like various kitchen utensils

– The most difficult task I’ll have to perform at work tomorrow will be to stay awake

– I live with a really cool person who appreciates me and an adorable 3-year-old

– I’m not impotent after all