altered consciousness


I have only been fully aware of my surroundings (and sober) for maybe 16 of the last 72 hours. I’m rather sick now, but the onset of this cold/flu was very conveniently obscured by a haze of pot smoke and debauchery. That haze was preferable to this one, but strikingly similar… what with the reluctance to get out of bed, blurred vision, dizziness and fascination with skinny Jennifer Hudson singing to fat Jennifer Hudson in this Weight Watchers commercial.

Getting high is very much Not My Thing and yet in the past few months I have taken every opportunity that presented itself to me to do it. Since this coincides with my transition from New Hampshire to here, I would like to go ahead and blame the state of Massachusetts. Here are my other complaints:

  1. It is very hard to spell Massachusetts.
  2. They have to audacity to offer me health insurance for free due to my sad financial state.
  3. They don’t sell beer or wine in grocery stores.
  4. Sales tax.
  5. Gay people are allowed to get married here, which I assume has a negative impact on my life somehow.
  6.  I feel pretty nauseous.