It is January 6, 2012, purportedly a holiday called “Cuddle Up Day” but I’m not so sure about that.

These are things I would like to make happen this year:

  1. Savings. I have absolutely nothing in either of my bank accounts. When my car broke down Wednesday, I had to have it towed to my dad’s friend’s garage. I’m desperately now waiting for my w-2 to come in, and hoping my tax refund will cover the repair. With no reliable vehicle to drive people around in, I’m now missing work 3 days of a shortened work week. When I don’t work, I don’t get paid. I’m a week away from getting that very small paycheck and I will consider myself lucky if I make it to then.
  2. New job. It would be nice to have a job that doesn’t require constant use of my aging car. Or a job where I earn more than 1 hour of earned time off every 17,000 weeks. Regardless, I’m underemployed. Even doing this same job in Massachusetts, I would at least get paid more, but it’s not what I want to do. I will be sad to leave but I need to get much more serious about finding something more appropriate. I can easily commute to Boston from where I am so (I hope) I have options.
  3. Part to full-time spooning partner. Hamlet does cuddle me pretty frequently (it is so odd how much his temperament has changed since we moved here, he used to be too good for full body snuggles) but a) he’s a cat and I’m not ready to be Miss Havisham (at least she had tons of money) and b) he always insists on being little spoon. Seriously, I want to be in love. I wouldn’t say that I’m lonely, like I was as I was finishing college 4 years ago, but still…I would like to be with someone. In at least a “monogamish” capacity.
  4. Have a “thing.” Especially as I’m struggling with the first 3, I want to get more involved in something fulfilling. I would like to front a band so that I can become a rich and famous rock star but I’m thinking it should be more grounded in reality. Something that I will actually do and want to stick with. So there’s a local secular choral society, a Unitarian church, and/or I can take time to: listen and appreciate music, do mindfulness meditations, and write creatively. It would be Pretty Fucking Sweet if I actually wrote a book instead of saying that I would like to write one.
  5. Stage an intervention for my roommate. Who late last night, after I wrote something on her Facebook wall, responded quite randomly with “I’m gonna grab your nip!” and ran into my room and proceeded to do so. She had had a lot of wine.