let’s end on a happier note


I am obsessed with Poo Poo Paper. It combines my love of sustainable (and expensive) products with my almost as intense appreciation of pretty, textured paper. In fact, I already have an unopened package of it somewhere in my craft area, that I will probably never open for fear that whatever project is just not worthy of how special this paper is. So today, I visited a Hallmark store that was going out of business and EVERYTHING was SIXTY PERCENT off and I was full of EXCITEMENT, even before I found a bunch of stationary sets made of elephant crap!

I was working with my most hilarious client, he who came up with the nickname Juicy Mango. This is how it went, I swear to gods:

Me (pointing at information sign): See, it’s really totally made of poop. Poo poo paper. But it’s not gross, it doesn’t smell and I think it’s beautiful. Isn’t it cool?

Him: Really? Yeah, it is cool.

Me: I’m just trying to figure out how much paper is in here. It doesn’t say. I wonder how many sheets are in it?

Him: Sheets, ha. You mean how many shits in it?!

Without a beat. After we laughed together at an inappropriate volume in Hallmark for a good five minutes, I said, “Michael*, that wasn’t appropriate to say but I don’t even care because it was so clever.”


*obviously, not his real name