I made $13,772.50 last year. (About $110 less and I would have been eligible for the EIC apparently, even though I have no dependents. Oh well.)

I was unemployed for only 1 month of 2011.

I applied for Income Based Repayment of my student loans and so now I don’t need to worry about that $240 a month, but you can see how it might be hard to live on this income, regardless.

I’m pretty surprised by that number, actually. It’s embarrassing.

But GODDAMNIT, I spend my time doing work that I’m proud of…

Of course, I’m looking for a job that will pay me a living wage in addition to making me feel karmically fulfilled.

I’ve been on a library CD request binge. I wish I had realized months ago how vast the Mass Library network is, because I can find almost every album on my “to download” list. AND IT’S FREE. S0…life’s not all bad.