– finds my body type attractive (i don’t want to be the fat exception girlfriend for someone “nice” who will “accept” my size as one of my flaws)

– progressive and ethical

– some common interest

– can accept my current, sad financial situation

– high sex drive, sex positive

– open, assertive, proactive

– able to express and handle anger appropriately

– already has, does not want, or can live with out biological children

– likes animals (ie, not an asshole)

– has been in a relationship, likes being in a relationship

– tolerates light to moderate snoring, other idiosyncratic behaviors

– likes to cuddle

– responsible, has goals

– likes dessert

– funny

– intelligent

– kind

I have become a person with a dating checklist in my head and I know that is limiting. Some are those are more important than others. It’s just that I’ve learned what’s important to me and what’s not for me and then there’s the issues I’ve been through that I’d like to avoid. I’m just putting this out there with positive thought-beams behind it.

I miss love.


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