big girl pants


My first week at work was… A LOT. I feel really good about the position and I’m excited about what I get to do, which is essentially counseling people who really need it in a professional grown-up type fashion. (Old coworkers keep telling me that I’m going to be amazing at that. As with any other good thing I’ve ever heard about myself, I totally believe this.) On the other hand, I’m jumping head first into a new field that I don’t have firsthand experience with and they expect a lot out of me.

I am learning everything at least as fast as they expect me to. I’m going to be so busy, but that will feel pretty awesome and I don’t have to worry about taking work home with me, or feeling like my company is wasting my time. It’s really important to me to excel at work, I guess, and so I want to just immediately blow everybody away and then become the world’s most learned expert on substance abuse and addiction (by reading a lot of books, I figure that’s all it takes).

So I’m going to get adjusted. Also, going to hole money away like a frantic thrifty squirrel. That’s where I’ll probably be for awhile. Ciao for now, internets.