Well, I have a pretty clear and promising plan for a new living situation. Maybe I shouldn’t count all the chickens but it looks like my brother and I will rent a place in a mutually convenient location. It’s tricky looking for apartments for a move in date six weeks from now, but from what I’ve seen we will have options. We can swing it financially, so this is maybe the best thing that could have happened.

I was a little concerned that by giving myself a deadline I’d be pushing him into something he’s not ready for but it seems like it will benefit both of us.

I was a little concerned that he wouldn’t be psyched to live with me but really – WHO WOULDN’T?! I’m, like, the best!

I’m looking forward to feeling “at home.” I’m looking forward to putting the KitchenAid and my fancy knives to use again. In my mind it’s going to be like when Belle spends her first night at Mel Gibson’s Beast’s castle and all of the dishes/utensils/appliances are so-fucking-happy to have something to do. Why, you’re welcome, lemon zesting microplane grater!

See? I continue to bring light and goodness to all, including inanimate objects.