don’t carry it all


Oh my goodness, I’ve had a day. Not a bad day but A Day.


Took time in between clients today to decorate my one bare office wall. It looked good. Satisfaction.

Vinyl stickers slowly began to unstick themselves. Disappointing, but they may hang in there yet. Acceptance.

Had a no show appointment and took a half hour or so for an unpleasant but necessary personal conversation. Various passing, cathartic feelings.

Finished my notes and put my schedule in order, chatted with my director, packed up my work things. Double satisfaction.

Walked to my car in the parking lot off of a very urban street downtown, and SAW A FUCKING CHICKEN! just chilling next to our building. Delight.

[PS, the chiropractor was FANTASTIC, though I accidentally wore a thong. So, given a gown with an open back and the area needing examination being my lower back, the long tradition of my sexual harassment of health professionals continues.]