various tarty adventures


So, Happy Labor Day. I was a busy bee this weekend and I started packing and organizing my life. I had another very nice date. The thing is (there’s always a thing), I’m rather confused about this person.

My plan is to continue to see him and get to know him and then either develop more serious feelings or try someone else. I guess that’s dating. He’s certainly a very good dating candidate. Maybe I need to bring out the checklist:

– finds my body type attractive (i don’t want to be the fat exception girlfriend for someone “nice” who will “accept” my size as one of my flaws) YES

– progressive and ethical PRETTY MUCH (maybe not as much of a bleeding heart as I would prefer)

– some common interest YES

– can accept my current, sad financial situation YES (he’s frugal and I’m poor, which is frugality by necessity, so it works out)

– high sex drive, sex positive OH. YES.

– open, assertive, proactive REMAINS TO BE SEEN

– able to express and handle anger appropriately REMAINS TO BE SEEN, BUT PROBABLY YES

– already has, does not want, or can live with out biological children REMAINS TO BE SEEN

– likes animals (ie, not an asshole) YES

– has been in a relationship, likes being in a relationship YES

– tolerates light to moderate snoring, other idiosyncratic behaviors PROBABLY

– likes to cuddle YES

– responsible, has goals YES

– likes dessert YES


– intelligent YES

– kind YES, I THINK

Oh boy am I ever going to be coming back and deleting this entry if we do become coupled. He’s got a lot going for him really, with/with out my preconceived checklist. I suspect he’ll become much more interesting to me with more time.

I’m not sure where my enthusiasm is hiding but I’m going to visit my super amazing baby nephew (oh, and his mother) in a few days, hopefully to return newly refreshed and open to love.