Awesome Sauce? Awesomesauce? Eh, whatever. Things are going swimmingly.

Put in an application at a very neat, sunny apartment today and I am dangerously optimistic about it.

This is how I felt yesterday as they drew raffles at my company picnic and I WON a Soda Stream machine SO, maybe my lucky streak will continue.

I think my brother and I present well. Like nice, quiet young people. The good non-threatening and bill-paying type.

You know how when the person who usually does all your noxious dishes takes a trip to North Carolina to visit their sister for a few days and the only obvious choice you have is to pile dishes in the sink and leave it for them, patiently waiting a full week for someone who was out of the state at the time the dishes got dirty to fucking do them for you? You don’t? Oh, because my current roommate sure does.

I’m eating crackers for dinner for the second night in the row. Mostly because I’d rather hoard cash than shop for food. Partly because I don’t want to deal with the mess in the kitchen that I most certainly did not create nor agree to take care of. (I had agreed at one point early in this cohabitation agreement to take care of the everyday stuff, dishes and cat litter box, if the roomy would maintain the general maintenance type cleaning. Hmm, weird  then that our floors and bathroom are filthy all the time and I’ve witnessed cleaning about 3-5 times in a year of living here. I guess I expected that, like a considerate person, she might be responsible for herself for at least this one damn weekend.)

There are other reasons I want to not live with her any longer. There are other reasons why I want to move in general.

I’m so close I can practically taste it. FREEEEDOMM! And such.