This is a wonderful concept for a website and I love what I’ve read so far, especially this one (heh) and this one. I’m really amazed by how people around my age sometimes relate to world. A lot of vague, emo, ask me what’s wrong Facebook statuses and relationship melodramas that I would have hoped were left in high school.

But don’t mind me, I’m sort of overly proud of myself lately I guess. For staying away from pointless arguments with people who don’t matter. For making and keeping the new apartment nice (read: clean). For being more comfortable at work. There’s been a noticeable change in the way clients interact with me and I think it’s a result of me being more confident.

I don’t seem to have much to write lately, so I haven’t. I just came out of two or three weeks where my downtime consisted of lazy lay-about-the-house behavior. I didn’t notice how drained I was feeling until I wasn’t and I realize now a big chunk of it was all the anxiety I was hoarding leading up to the election.

So I waited in line at my new polling place for an hour and a half Tuesday and attempted to stay up past my bedtime (9:30pm) to confirm for myself that the world is a safe and reasonable place but I failed and had an unsettling dream where I was trying to help my brother with his unexpected pregnancy instead.