dec. 8 – dear santa


Dear Santa,

I would like to think I’ve been good this year. Responsible, awesome, radiant. All words that other people (should) use to describe me. I’ve already got a lot of non-material things to treasure. My friends keep getting more fantastic, my brother is the best roommate (he only has two people to compete with, but there’s really no comparison to either because he always knows what day of the week it is and has a personality), and my lovely sister and super amazing toddler nephew are spending the week of Christmas here, which I don’t have to work during because I have a nice job with real benefits.

Last Christmas was sort of a wash, let’s face it. So there are some things I want to ask for.

– I need a bigger (12 inch and up) saute pan for when I’m making tacos, which is frequently. Either hard anodized aluminum or stainless steel. Doesn’t have to have a cover.

– Hamlet needs something substantial to scratch because the cute little things I keep getting at Target he ignores and he’s turned his attention to our couch.

– I hate to waste the space in my room, but it might be time for me to have a bigger bed. The twin is just not good hospitality for overnight guests. (Hamlet has also slept with me every night and somehow he demands even more room than an adult male.)

– Speaking again of Hamlet, is there some sort of magical device that will translate his incessant vocalizing into words that I can understand? At least ten times a day it sounds as though his tail is on fire or his lover died and upon investigation, he appears healthy and in possession of all basic necessities. What is his problem? Is he just saying hello? Is he trying to warn of impending apocalypse??

– I don’t have enough storage in my bedroom to hold my pants or bras. First world problems and all that.

– This isn’t really within your purview, Santa, but I want to keep getting to know this fella I met after Thanksgiving. I like him for a lot of reasons, not the least of which (ok, the least of which) is that the date of our first date is absolutely perfect for would-be anniversaries, for a holiday junkie such as myself.

– Maybe you could work on the government a little, in terms of actually making policy with people as a priority. Things are not good! Things don’t appear to even approach the direction of good! The issues with the economy are not unique to the US, but some countries operate under the radical idea that government is for the people, and despite struggling with the same issues, seem to keep their citizens from drowning. Maybe their governing bodies actually function? I don’t know. Get on that, Santa.