dec. 13 – enthusiasm


My vacation is one week away! I actually can’t believe. Yet another thing I like about my job is that even a rough week, like this one, seems to go by quickly and by Friday I’m happy again.

It’s not just vacation, it’s Christmas. THESE ARE TWO THINGS THAT I LIKE!

Everything is the best! my apartment is the best my cat is the best my brother is the best christmas is the best angel hair pasta is the best shopping is the best my early xmas present body shop body scrubs are the best (I SMELL LIKE CUPCAKES)

My nephew is 18 months old now. I’m going to first maintain my typical space-respecting kid-friendly demeanor and then, once he loves me, I will proceed to spend the rest of the week squeezing his ridiculously adorable chubby body and feeding him lots of cookies.

In between now and then is another movie with the differently-adorable man I’m dating. I think I’m going to get off my buns and wrap presents.

I don’t think these holidailies entries will be really epic blogging or anything but I want to keep up with it. I would like to look back at the mundane ups and downs I’m going through. I want to remember feeling this content. Even if it’s boring as fuck to the internet.