dec. 27 – oopsie


Hmm, about that Holidailies business… Lack of posting was not for lack of fun.

I’ve had quality Christmas merriment with every member of my family. I baked. I failed to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol as is requisite but nothing bad happened as a result. My nephew and sister are still here and he is the cutest toddler alive, nay, the cutest toddler that has ever lived. He’s sweet and even Hamlet wants to hang around him.

Our family has its fair share of baggage but all the get together-ing was pretty peaceful this year. The issues that do exist are not really my issues, they’re for other people to address with each other (or not) and not for me to agonize over.

I got enough material goods to satisfy my hungry consumerism beast, and my father gave his offspring cash in lieu of presents which I sorely needed this week to make up for my overreaching hostess instinct.

The weather right now is apparently really shitty from Massachusetts to Maine but it’s been fine here.

2012 was simply having a wonderful Christmas time level Christmas. The best. My brother insisted that our mother not be allowed to put his picture on Facebook, so I did her a favor and masked him in one of our pictures so she could post a group shot without violating his privacy. Which gave me an idea, naturally. YOU’RE WELCOME.

I'm the plump lady on the left.

I’m the plump lady on the left.

I haven’t had any further romantic adventures what with the holidays and house guests. I’ve gotten nervous about this guy that I met after Thanksgiving (great first date guy), as inevitably my fascinating love life is a prime conversation topic around these parts – inquiring maternal minds want to know! – and I’ve given the basic rundown more than once. It’s not anything serious yet. He lives in Town, NH. He is 25. etc etc But the mom, the sister, these are people that I’m open with and I’ve been forced to admit out loud that I’m quite smitten. That I’m not sure how he feels. That we aren’t at the point that any relationship-y conversations feel appropriate yet.

We might never get to that point. I think that it would be more obvious to me if he were having the head and the pants feelings (thanks, Captain Awkward). There haven’t been signs of him being enamored with me. So no way in hell am I going to pin any hopes anywhere. Well…I’ll hope at least that he’ll initiate things and continue showing some interest and continue being appealing.

When this baby stops cramping my style, we shall see.