dec. 29 – abouts


I need a new about page, or mostly new. I avoid writing those things but it shouldn’t quite be so hard. Like most bloggers, one of my favorite topics is myself, so one would think I have plenty to draw from.

Hmm. I’m 26, I was born in and live in New Hampshire. I’m an INFJ, which I think is apt, the introvert bit being the most relevant. I’m fat and PS I like saying “fat” without a negative connotation as I’m also content with my body.

I guess there are lots of things informing my world view and that would be the kind of thing to share. I’m a feminist, who was raised to be both Catholic and unassertive, so that feels like a minor miracle. I don’t believe in miracles,  however, what with the agnosticism.

I think I understand faith and I remain as open-minded as possible with the conviction that it should be left out of government. And I do care about politics. (I think the country that I live in is dysfunctional and one of the reasons for that is a right-wing obsession with being a Christian nation that is neither constitutional nor moral.) I resent any implication that with out a specific and limiting belief in a deity that I can’t be an ethical and righteous person. I care about people and I do my best to be kind and principled and I can do so without being motivated by heavenly rewards. And now I am sounding super sanctimonious which I also dislike.

I like a lot of things. Music – The Mountain Goats, Florence and the Machine, Ellie Goulding are in circulation most often right now. Television – JON HAMM (I mean Mad Men), Parenthood, Parks and Recreation are favorites. Movies – Pan’s Labyrinth, Good Night and Good Luck, Hanna, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall are some.

I get enthusiastic about stuff. Starbucks, bacon, Japanese erasers, post-it notes, cute internet videos of puppies or babies or babies and puppies together, candles, and kitchen gadgets are among them. I find it very exciting if I spot a wild rabbit among the landscaping in a grocery store parking lot which, oddly, has happened more that once.

I live with my brother and one seven year old feline named Hamlet, Prince of Denmark who appears in 99% of my cell phone pictures.

I work at a substance abuse treatment facility. Before that I worked with adults with acquired or developmental disabilities and some mental illness. Before that I worked in two residential programs for children and teens in foster care.


I had written something else in there that I’ve been wanting to come out with. I never have discussed it when I wanted to and in my life, it is the closest thing I have to a secret. But it’s not that secret anymore. I have friends, even acquaintances who know. It’s not something I’m ashamed of. I haven’t ever shared it here because once upon a time there were people, including a few family members, who knew me in real life and had the link to this blog (or my first blog, anyway). I doubt many of those people or any of those people are reading still but I don’t know. And lilaeden has been tied to my online presence for a long time. It’s not inconceivable that someone could stumble upon this space either.

So this is the disclaimer, if you are somebody who knows and loves me and enjoys judging my life choices as is understandable, you might need to tune some stuff out. I’ll use cuts and if you chose to read beyond them then it will be your responsibility to process any potentially upsetting information. I won’t apologize if you read something I haven’t told you (there’s probably a reason) and then wish you didn’t. Just don’t be tempted! I’ll suggest strangers’ writing that will be better and more enjoyable than mine anyhow. Ok.