Hamlet’s emotional well-being


I’m in bed already. Work has been demanding but APPARENTLY I have sleep apnea which for, oh, the past two years or so has been keeping me from a good night’s rest. I’m embarrassed it took me this long to ask my doctor about the three times a night that I wake up having to pee. Hopefully I’ll get one of those lovely robot masks and I’ll be set. Honestly, years with out sleeping through a night. It became routine and I never realized the fix was so obvious.

Hamlet is fighting my phone for my hand’s attention.

I’m clearly not having enough sex as no one has noticed the whole breathing stoppage. My one special sleepover buddy does tend to play video games while I sleep. Still. How bad must my sinister snoring be?! I guess I will find out after my sleep study.

I seriously have been 100% preoccupied with work and trying to maintain self care. Yet somewhere in there I grew complicated romantical feelings for my non-observant sleep partner. I’m so confused. And I don’t mean Hamlet, though he steadfastly continues to share my bed. When I moved here and he started sleeping with me, I thought it was a strange behavior change; now I wonder if he’s standing guard over my breathing. (I’m being facetious.)

Now I shall slumber while my body fights to kill me in my sleep.