friend break up


I’ve had an emotional week, as I’m sure a lot of people have.

I just walked home from a friend’s house and I had to tell him that, actually, we can’t be friends right now. I’m sad, to the point that I ache. I just have the feeling that it’s right.

It’s still hard for me to really set boundaries for myself with other people, when I like them. He has every right to make the choices he’s making and I tried to make that clear. I understand where he’s at. But fuck, it’s not healthy for me to be around someone I care about and see them emotionally self-destruct. It’s not in my control, so I need to remove myself from it. It is right, that we had this conversation.

I hope this is temporary. Even if it is, it’s a loss.

My inner circle is small and cozy and I like that usually. Now I’m going to be missing a little chunk of it. This is good for me to do but it’s making me feel lonely and sad and mean and judgmental and lonely.