hard stuff


I am fighting so hard to stay awake right now. 7:30 = my sleepiness threshold. It’s hard.

Follow up next week to review my sleep study results. I hope I’ll hear something definitive but if I need a machine, I will have to do a second study.

I got a gift certificate from my favorite person to a local butcher shop with a suggestion to, quote,”fill your evenings with more meat than you can handle.” So difficult to not spend that all at once. I should donate blood – I think my iron number is about to get real high.

I want a pedicure. I’m being very subdued with the object of my potential affection, but I want to seduce him with perfectly appointed toes. I definitely will not be doing that because it would be irresponsible. This month is rough (yuck, fiscal obligation) and in three weeks I’m flying to visit my sister and my munchkin. (So, need to set aside serious breakfasting funds.) No foot spending allowed.

I want to adopt a kitten and give him a pun name. Chairman Meow. I’m sure that joke has been done but I love it. Meow! That’s What I Call Music! and so many others were suggested by my brother ages ago. But no kitten spending allowed. I don’t see any more pets in this apartment. Edward R. Meow!* Aw. Oh well, adult impulses win again.

Speaking of adult impulses, I’ve failed to be slutty for almost a month. Hope everything still works ok down there.


*Definitely stolen from The Office.