chinese for one


So prison industrial complex aside, my spirits are pretty high. Also not thinking about the car until I can get it looked at tomorrow. Also setting aside the fact that I appear to be getting stood up for a date I was meant to have two hours from now.

It makes no sense. I didn’t initiate things when he contacted me last week and we had a great, spontaneous date. “I can’t wait to see you again” and “I couldn’t stop thinking about the other night” were sentences that he volunteered. And then Monday we made plans for today. Chinese or Pizza? Chinese was determined. Then nothing. In an attempt to confirm that I’m being ignored, I did text this morning to say “Hey, are we on for tonight?” AND NOTHING.

Dude, I was going to fuck you. There is actually no way that that was unclear. And it was going to be pretty awesome.

I just don’t really understand. If the radio silence is due to a fellow not being interested than why spend a night complimenting me and starting sexy sexy contact? Why tell me that he wants to do it again soon? If he is interested then why the spotty and now flat out rude text issue? If he wants to send a signal that he’s not serious relationship material why not just be direct and say, “let’s just be sex friends!”?

I would have done just the sex thing, now I can’t because assholes don’t get to have sex with me. Common courtesy is the bare minimum here. I like to think I can get a read on when someone is full of shit. I also like to think I was following all the unspoken nonsense rules of dating. I wish this is the first time this had ever happened to me but, alas, it’s absolutely not.

Like I said, I’m in good spirits, but who the heck knows why.