I love this blogger. I relate to this “sexcalator” syndrome and the perspective on this is something I’m trying to take to heart.

When Crazy Cupid Love posted this, it was also exactly at the right time. I was bummed about this one fellow. Then I wasn’t bummed about him. Then I had sex with him twice this week. The cycle is destined to repeat, I’m sure. Why must I be so attracted to men who say nice things I suspect they don’t mean? “I miss you, btw” is the secret code you need to email me, and I will surely allow you into my pants.

1. = A 7-foot wide house I would kill to live in. Neat!

I’m only at 61.1%. When one particular person gets fired, it will jump to 72%. I’m 65% confident that the firing will happen.

Stair porn is one of the best things in my reader. I guess I’m into architecture. I want to build a tiny house with sexy stairs.

Sometimes, when awesome ideas present themselves, I kinda want to get married.

I am partial to mini-schnauzers, and of course scraggly mixed breeds, but this breed of dog reminds me of Sprocket from Fraggle Rock and I want one.


I want to a life where this kind of grand romance happens.

This doesn’t really counteract your above daily “police shoot someone for no fucking reason” news, but it is quite delightful.

I’m always looking for new charitable work!

I want either an adorable dog or a little girl I can corrupt into a lifelong feminist. Adorable.

Hey, have we traveled back in time 6 years? I am currently supposed to be writing a paper that should have been done earlier this week rather than updating my emo blog.