I started in 2005 here.

I’m 28. I love words, hyperbole, irreverence and obscenity, weird animal love stories like the monkey and the pigeon who were friends in China (hence “MonkeyPigeon!”) or when house pets raise an orphaned squirrel or a tiger nurses a baby pig along with her cubs or whatever. I get enthusiastic about stuff. Starbucks, bacon, Japanese erasers, post-it notes, cute internet videos of puppies or babies or babies and puppies together, candles, and kitchen gadgets are among them. I find it very exciting if I spot a wild rabbit among the landscaping in a grocery store parking lot which, oddly, has happened more that once. I get genuinely upset when I see roadkill.

I live in and was born in New Hampshire. I majored in Psychology at a very Catholic but nice college. I’m an INFJ, which I think is apt, the introvert bit being the most relevant. (By the way, I think you should take one of those quizzes here, if you never have.) I’m fat and, PS, I like saying “fat” without a negative connotation as I’m also content with my body.

I’m a feminist, despite being raised to be both Catholic and unassertive, so that feels like a minor miracle. I don’t believe in miracles,  however, what with the agnosticism. (I think I understand faith and I remain as open-minded as possible with the conviction that it should be left out of government. I care about politics. I resent any implication that with out a specific and limiting belief in a deity that I can’t be an ethical and righteous person. I care about people and I do my best to be kind and principled and I can do so without being motivated by heavenly rewards. And now I am sounding super sanctimonious which I also dislike.)

I like a lot of things. E.g.: Music – The Mountain Goats, Florence and the Machine, The Decemberists; Television – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parenthood, Parks and Recreation; Movies – Pan’s Labyrinth, Good Night and Good Luck, Hanna, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

I live with my brother and one nine year old feline named Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, who appears in 99% of my cell phone pictures.


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